Dr.V.V.T. Manuel is an expert in the use of hormonal therapies and treatments to counteract the effects of menopause and to eradicate any infections that occur in women. Hormones are chemical substances produced by glands like the ovaries and testes. Growth Hormones help some types of cancer cells, including breast cancer and prostate cancer. In other cases, hormones can kill cancer cells, retard their growth or stop it. Hormone therapy as a treatment for cancer can involve administering drugs that interfere with hormone activity or stop the production of hormones.Hormone therapy may include surgical removal of a gland that produces hormones. He may recommend a hormone receptor test to determine treatment options and help you learn more about the tumor. This test can help predict whether cancer cells are sensitive to hormones. The hormone receptor test measures the amount of certain proteins (called hormone receptors) in cancer tissue. Hormones (like estrogen and progesterone that occur naturally in the body) can attach to these proteins. If the test is positive, indicating that the hormone probably helps cancer cells grow. In this case, may be given hormone therapy to block the way the hormone works and help keep the hormone away from the cancer cells (hormone receptors). If the test is negative, the hormone does not affect the growth of cancer cells and may deliver other cancer treatments more effective. Always analyze the results of the hormone receptor test. If the test indicates that hormones affect cancer, it can try one of the following ways:

  • treatment of cancer cells to stop receiving the hormones they need to grow

  • treatment of the glands that produce hormones to keep them from making hormones

  • Surgery to remove the glands that produce hormones such as estrogen-producing ovaries or testicles that produce testosterone

The type of hormone therapy a person receives depends on many factors such as type and tumor size, age of the person, the presence of hormone receptors in the tumor and other factors.

As hormone therapy can be applied to counteract tumors, also tri-fold used for other applications, such as breast development, decreased facial hair, rejuvenation and other applications.
Contrary to popular belief, hormone therapy is not just for older adults, is increasingly being applied to young adults for an increasingly broad range of applications.